Updated: Saturday, June 28th, 2014
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Best Work at Home Jobs

Jobs in online industries continue to explode as one lucrative newcomer takes its place
amongst the most in-demand jobs in the world

By Lars Erikson



here are generally four main types of work at home jobs with each type holding appeal for different individuals. By considering the various prospects and money requirements, almost everyone finds the perfect way to make a living from home. These four types are domestic, telecommuter, self-owned businesses and Internet opportunities. while there are wide-ranging diffrences between them, each offers freedom and flexibility not found in the traditional workplace.

Domestic Positions

Domestic work-at-home jobs include opportunities ranging from babysitting to adult care-giving. Because of individual circumstances, the persons hiring help will have varied requirements. Positions may vary in length from a few days to months, and even years. For instance, a parent with an autistic child may employ a responsible and capable person to provide 8 – 12 hour per day structure or temporary, weekend supervision. While domestic jobs are often are time and labor intensive, they generally pay well and in provide some of the best work at home jobs currently available for persons who enjoy care-giving and working closely with others.

Work from Home Employment

Many companies hire skilled persons with computers, Internet connections and telephones to work from their homes. Even if the company pays for the installation of extra telephone lines, high-speed Internet access and equipment, this company saves money. Their employees benefit because the commute time is extremely short, usually only 10 or 20 feet, and dress codes are very relaxed unless the job includes video conferencing.

Data entry, reading and responding to e-mails, web designing, data conversion, paralegals, affiliate marketing, customer service, virtual assistants and telephone communications positions are available. The process is simple with employers explaining their needs and willing workers filling them. Duties range from paper work to interaction with customers and clients and solving complex problems.

Some positions are flexible. As long as the employee does the work, this company does not care if the work is done from 8 AM until 5 PM or midnight to 7 AM. Others require regular shifts with designated coffee breaks and meal times. Benefits include regular paychecks and income guarantees; sometimes medical, sick leave, vacation and retirement funds are included.

Businesses Work at Home Jobs

Many enthusiastic, energetic people desiring to stay home and earn a living start their own business. As one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, healthcare needs computer literate people skilled in electronic billing. Doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and insurance companies hire people to convert medical procedures to a series of uniform numbers and letters, transmit the information via Internet and track claims and payments. Detail oriented people make perfect medical billing and transcription workers. Interested workers find on-the-job training or take quick classics.

Other best work at home jobs include day care, small appliance repair, mechanic, baking or hobbies like sewing or woodworking. Day care can be as simple as watching children while their parents work or entertaining adults needing supervision with projects and trips. Many working parents need help with both as they have young children and their parents needing assistance with meals or mobility. Busy people willingly pay someone else to arrange outings to the museum, skating park or swimming pool while people who give fantastic dinners and parties are in demand as party planners. The only trick to working from home is finding something a person loves to do and a way to get paid for doing it. After all, turning a hobby into a thriving industry is an easy way to make money and have fun.

The ideal candidate for a self-started business is someone with a passion and ability to wait for financial success. These people start out by doing it all themselves and adjusting the program to fit clients' needs. As they grow, these entrepreneurs hire help.

Internet Opportunities at Home

When most people think about working from home, they immediately think of Internet possibilities and potentials. Almost anything is possible with the computer, the right programs and desire. These opportunities are divided between Internet businesses and personal efforts.

Internet businesses are simply virtual shops where customers find and buy items they want. Sites like eBay and Craig's List help millions of people sell surplus items or resale items and make money. Some people specialize in niche markets developing websites offering items like knitting yarn, fishing lures, small kitchen appliances, books or tools. When orders arrive, the money goes electronically into the seller's account and the order is packaged and sent. For many people, virtual stores and sales sites are golden opportunities to make money on their terms.

Personal efforts pay people for doing something. Taking surveys, finding new buyers or products, trying goods, writing, blogging or reviewing merchandise and services provides income. The amount of money earned depends on the offer and work performed. Since people decide what they do and when they work, these possibilities give workers the most freedom and flexibility. Getting started is as simple as matching the work to a person's desire and deciding what to do when.

The first step is deciding how much effort to invest in this new adventure. Surveys are fast and easy as they just require answering questions. Companies paying people to promote their product require more work, time and knowledge while websites offering consumers free samples or trial offers pay people for a few keystrokes. Writing and blogging are technical in nature, requiring good grammar and the ability to communicate. Product reviews are valuable to manufacturers and quick to complete. Although some of these require research and technical abilities, others are quick and easy.

The next step is doing it. As amount of income depends on the work performed, some people earn $50 or $100 a week for extra spending money. Others supplement regular 9-to-5 jobs while decicated individuals can find enough opportunities to support families.

The Best Work at Home Job

Presently, the most in-demand, work at home job is also an Internet job. While most reputable businesses maintain a website and employ a webmaster, those interested in improving their Google rankings in order to increase traffic and sales also employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists. However, the advent of popular social media sites has further complicated the online presence challenges businesses face. In addition to SEO Specialists many have begun hiring Social Media Managers — who use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, and other Web 2.0 sites to increase brand awareness and refer prospective customers.

Rise of the Social Media Manager

The problem is that presently there are not nearly enough qualified Social Media Managers to fill the available jobs. This need has spawned an entire brand-new industry of highly-paid ($70,000 – $120,000 per-year), work-at-home jobs. Perhaps, the most exciting part of these lucrative opportunities is that most do not require a degree of any. Expertise in referring traffic via Web 2.0 platforms is all that is really required, especially for independent Social Media Managers who contract their services to businesses for fees ranging from $200 – $2,000 per month. Once established, these independent operators can service numerous accounts multiplying their earnings while maintaing the freedom and independence provided by a work-at-home job.

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